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Welcome to Dr. Rosa T. Adalsteinsdottir

No referral needed - No waiting - Comfortable atmosphere at Hinnaklinikken!

At 'Gynekolog Rosa' you will experience high clinical quality delivered in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, where you as an individual are valued and listened to.

An ultrasound examiniation of the pelvic organs (or embryo/fetus) is usually an important part of a consultation. I have therefore right from the start given high priority to have a state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment and the best quality ultrasound apparatus available on the market.

I regard it as one of the main benefits of running a private medical practice that one can afford to spend more time on each individual client. One has the opportunity to go thoroughly into each problem, listen and explain and perform the physical examination as gently as possible.

Booking: 51 90 68 68
Tel. hrs: Mon-Fri 9-11, 12-14
Opening hrs: Mon-Fri 9-1530

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Gynekolog Rosa T. Adalsteinsdottir
About me:
"I was born in Iceland in 1971. I received my...
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Opening hours:
Telephone hrs: Mon-Fri 9-11 og 12-14
Opening hrs Mon-Fri 9-1530

Note: Wednesdays are open for bookings after ordinary opening hours!
Holiday: Dr. Rosa T. Adalsteinsdottir is away
8th - 29th August 2019.

Gynekolog Rosa T. Adalsteinsdottir
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